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New and better deals are coming out in the market every time and if we're not locked in a fixed deal it could be worth changing lenders (remortgaging) at any time. So the bottom line is look for the best and don't stop until you take the best for yourself.


The lender has to send a renewal notice 21 days before the term is up, but most allow to renew with them anytime in the final 120 days of the current mortgage term. Decision of whether or not to accept the renewal offer should be based on the interest rate.


Here are some ways in which a person can free himself/herself from a mortgage faster- accelerate your payments, increase your monthly payments, make a lump sum payment and maintain your payment amount when interest rates drop.


The number one reason why refinancing is done, is to get advantage of lower interest rate. Refinancing also allows you for extra money from equity to be freed up in the budget to be put towards both short-term and long-term savings goals.


Mortgage Insurance is basically a compensation for lenders and investors for losses due to default of mortgage loan. It may be public or private depending upon the insurer. Mortgage Insurance can refer to (PMI), mortgage life insurance and mortgage title insurance.


Always take professional advice before taking a mortgage loan. This a decision which needs to be taken very carefully. Mortgage loan has long term and short term effects depending upon the amount of loan taken and also it depends upon the time it is taken for.